Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Typical Saturday Ahead

This weekend will be a time to get together with friends and church members while hopefully having some time together as a family to do the essential chores and have some project time.

I am working on a new pillowcase dress for a friend's daughter this morning. This is the first one I have done that is not actually made out of a pillowcase. She wanted this one out of Arkansas Razorback fabric so I am having to sew the pillowcase first. It is faster the other way! Maybe I can find a few hours while all my sewing things are set up in the dining room to make a few more out of thrifted pillowcases in my stash. I have given away all the others I had made and they are nice to have on hand.

The younger boys are out of school this Monday and Friday because their school is moving from the temporary location to the new building. It should be an exciting and short week for them. I am hoping to make a trip to the pumpkin patch with them if the weather cooperates on one of those days they are off this next week to get some pictures. The camera is out and charged.

I found a Brother sewing machine at Goodwill yesterday for $12.99 and it sews really well. It is missing the plug and foot pedal, but the one from my other Brother works on it so I was able to sew with it last night. It is an older model of the one that I usually sew on. The opening to the right of the needle is about an inch and a half larger than my other one so it will be easier to use for machine quilting. I now have three portable machines and am gearing up for leading some Sewing Camps this next year. I want to have the students sew projects from pillowcases like a laundry bag and a pillow.

Well, I am going to head off and begin my Saturday routines of folding laundry and sweeping floors and such. I usually cook something ahead in the afternoon while listening to This American Life, but today we have a birthday party to attend so I am not sure. Hope you all have a joyful fall Saturday.