Friday, November 04, 2005

I am going to make a quick list here of parts of this story I would like to share so that I don't forget them.....

How God Spoke Directly to Me Through a Blue Bear

What it Means to be Healed

So When Did All This Start?

Random Memories of Those Depressed Days When A Telephone Weighed 300 Pounds

But This Could Ruin Our Ministry

Being a Preacher's Wife and Being Terrified to Walk Into the Church on Sunday Morning

The Day My Face Hurt From Smiling Again

Why I Grin Inside Everytime I Do the Dishes

Shopping When It Seems Like All the Grocery Carts Are Aimed Directly at You

Route 44 Cokes

The Therapist God Sent to Carry Me Through to the Other Side

Living in a Fish Bowl

The Anguish of Not Living Near My Momma

The Fear of Passing This On To My Children.....Being an Example of Recovery

What Have I Done to Deserve This?

Wondering How People Could Ever Enjoy Themselves

Why I Could Never Blame Anyone for Suicide

My 5 Hour Stint as a Worship Interpreter

How Speaking Another Language Opens Your Mind to Alternative Thinking

Why Money Doesn't Matter Posted by Picasa

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