Saturday, October 27, 2007

It is the weekend before a very busy month begins in our home. This week holds a charity banquet where I am hosting a table that I must decorate in the theme of Mexican Christmas. I have most of my table's details planned already. I just need to decide on the gifts I am going to give to those who sit at my table. I just realized that pralines are Mexican, so I might have just figured out that last piece to the puzzle!

This week is also Halloween, of course, and I haven't even considered how the boys might dress up. I hope there is something suitable in the costume bag! And Saturday is Benjamin's 7th birthday! I haven't begun to think about how we might celebrate that either, but it will need to be on Sunday afternoon because on Monday morning I leave on a trip with Mark to Minneapolis for a week without any of the kids. I really think the last time I left all of them was when Mark and I went to Rio Bravo on mission. I will have to dig deep to remember what year that was. It was before Benjamin was born. They stayed with my parents in Houston.

Then the week after that is my birthday and then Thanksgiving!

The years since then have been filled with having two more children, switching to homeschooling and doing very few things without at least some of the kids with me. Which honestly I enjoy most of the time. But I am really looking forward to a week away with my Love. There has been very little time for just us lately so we have chosen to drive instead of fly so we can visit on the way! I hope all of us stay well and that we get to go ahead as planned!

I am off to the store to gather the goodies for my pralines and a crockpot full of my Championship Bean Dip for a outdoor concert and movie at our good friends' farm tonight!
I hope to get a layout done of my Benjamin growing through the years. That would be appropriate for this week!

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