Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Self Exposure...........................

After I "exposed myself" and my inadequacies in this layout, several women at RAKScraps left comments that they understood exactly. And they all said that they had been trying the system at www.flylady.com. I had tried it several years ago but never fully. I am now trying it again and it is good to know how much I "have" to do everyday and what that will be. I am certainly a sidetracked home executive who gets very frustrated by her own perfectionism! More on that later!

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  1. Ruthy4:30 AM

    Kelley, Have I told you lately that I love you? LOL Truthfully, I wish I could put my feelings in to words like you do. I love this LO. I want a full size copy to print out & hang on my wall so I can look at it every day & know that I am not alone in this world & other people go through the same things that I go through & think & feel the same things I do.
    I know you feel lost & like thinsg aren't the way they are "suppose to be" but God is leading you somewhere with all of this. He has blessed you with an ability to communicate & reach others. You can take something that seems so complicated & unbearable & make it all seem so simple & normal & every day so that those of us reading no longer feels alone in our frustrations.
    I don't think you are "lost" at all. I think you are right where God wants you to be right now.