Monday, October 16, 2006

Hearing the voice of Mark....

It is a rainy and cool fall morning here in Arkansas, and I am enjoying my Sabbath morning by blogging and drinking hot tea. I know, Sunday was yesterday, but we have decided that now that we are homeschooling we can design our week to fit our needs. So we now take Mondays as our Sabbath. It is hard to rest on Sunday when your husband is the pastor! So this is the second episode in our personal series called ReDesigning Our Lives for God's Way. Kind of fun. I know, I watched an evening of design shows on HGTV this week and got all motivated to finish up some projects that got put on the back burner when we moved. So I rearranged the little boys' room last night and am going to finish putting up their toys today. Tomorrow I will sew a curtain for their room out of some really cute frog fabric. I'll post a pic when I get it done.

I was surfing the web and found the Christian Women Online site! Pretty cool stuff. I look forward to visiting my blog each day to see what the scripture verse is in their Snippets box. At their site they have a daily bible reading and devotional, so check it out! Just click on the box in my sidebar and it will take you there!

Mark's sermons are now aired on a Christian radio station in our area. It is the station that I keep playing low in my kitchen everyday to remind me of God's presence in our home and in our lives. But I have to admit that it was strange yesterday morning to walk into the kitchen with a stuffy head while staying home from church and hear my husband telling a story of a Marriage Enrichment weekend we attended when we were newlyweds! Kind of stops you in your tracks if you haven't had your morning coffee! But as I listened to his message, I was very thankful that we are in a church that is taking some good steps in thinking "outside the box" (otherwise known as the "church building") This move to a new church (in June) has been very good for us. I won't kid you, it has been a major transition. But we are both being called to a new place in our personal relationship with God and with each other. It is to easy to just go about life and end up on different pages, each happy to just do your own thing. That isn't what we want for our marriage at all, but it is so easy when both partners have so many interests to keep him or her busy. So we are now on a journey to make time for being together here and there as we go about our busy lives. Several people in the church have offered to keep the kids for us so we can actually have a DATE! Can you believe it? And I don't have to arrange the Great Family Divide (dividing the four kids up among several different families) in order to go! We certainly need to plan a date before the offer disappears! We also get to go on a Marriage type retreat for Clergy and their spouses at the beginning of November. Haven't figured out child care for that yet! Add that to the list!

Our church has hosted two broadcasts of this station in the last few weeks so the dj has come to two of our community events and done live interviews with Mark and others via a cell phone! Kind of fun how things work in the age of technogology! Here is Mark being interviewed live at our Community Celebration which is a FREE fun day provided by the local churches. They have free inflatable slides, jumping rooms, booths of games with prizes and free food! Our church gave away a free tv. Too much fun!

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