Thursday, March 01, 2007

I have made a concerted effort since my last post to get out of the house more. It is helping I think, but sometimes it is hard to come home and adjust back to my routines here. But I will just keep leaving and coming home and soon it will be a more natural adjustment, right?

This weekend is our retreat for spouses of United Methodist clergy in the state of Arkansas and I am hosting a weekend long card-making workshop. I will load the van full of my paper scrapbooking supplies and set them up for everyone to use off and on all weekend when they have spare time. I am going to try to sort my supplies in such a way that they are easier to transport and possibly even leave the supplies that I use in these workshops all together so that I don't have to spend several hours gathering them and putting them away when it is over. That is always the worst part. I have been hosting one every six weeks or so and I think they will become more regular so I need to have a plan!

I think we will have almost 30 spouses attend so the 200 cards I purchased for us to decorate will not be enough for each to make 10 which is what I had planned. We may have to cut some out of cardstock by the end of the weekend, but that will be the diehards that are left by then and they won't mind! I took all of these supplies last year, and they all told me I couldn't come back again unless I brought it all again. They had so much fun giggling and getting their hands all inky. Oh my! I need to make some samples! I forgot about that! Guess I have a job for this evening! I think I might put them on a display board so they will be easy for all to see and not get lost among all the paper scraps on the tables.

Just wanted to check in and say that we are all ok. We've been passing around a flu/cold for the last three weeks so extra things have been very limited. But I did manage to remake my previews for my kits and am very pleased with how they turned out. I was also able to make a few things to put on our new 99 cent Potato Bar at so that was fun. I think it will become a regular part of the site in some form and fashion.

Guess I need to wrap up school with the kids and get some samples made and supplies sorted! Can't believe I am actually going out of town for two nights. Somebody pinch me!

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  1. Have a great time, Kelley! It sounds much more fun than house cleaning and potty training, which is what we are doing here this weekend.