Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A breath of fresh air!

It is really an incredible experience when you can spend one day with some one and it can change your life. I was so blessed to get to meet Sharyn (ShabbyShaz) in person when she traveled here from Saudia Arabia for a homeschool convention. She made her way to Arkansas with her son Jarred, and we got to spend a relaxing day at the lake together. God used that day to begin (or sprout) many things that had already been germinating inside of me. I am learning to reach out to others and to stay connected in order to hold depression in firm defeat. So many thoughts and habits have to be modified over time, and it is much easier when you have support from people who know your heart and share your passions. Watching Sharyn wander around the lake with her mega-zoom digital camera was God's way of giving me a great big hug. Strange sounding, I guess. But it made me realize that even though some people may not understand my internet ministry, it is very real. She knows me and we could connect in person as well as online. It is no small thing to me that she knows my digital designs. That is such a large part of my life that very few people that I know in person actually understand. I certainly don't keep it a secret. But very few know what I do and certainly wouldn't be able to identify my products. Sharyn knows all that and could certainly tell you what I had designed. That is a kind of affirmation to my soul that is vital to my health. Throughout the day, we were continuing conversations that we had begun months earlier. There is nothing strange about internet friendships. I knew this all along, but sometimes you wonder about things such as this. And my connections with my online friends are motiviating me to become closer to people in my area through ArtReach. I have moved most of my art supplies into the basement now and am ready to begin scheduling classes. Hopefully I can learn how to share this area of myself with those who live near me as well as those who live on the other side of the world. It is such a joyful process to learn and grow and stretch closer to God.
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