Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Looks like this picture needs to be scrapped! Soon!
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  1. hi kelley,

    my name is rhia. i'm from the philippines. i so love scrapbooking and lately, i started to grow curious on digiscarpping. i'd really like to learn how to add templates to my blog. when i saw your blog, i got really inspired and i'd like to learn more so that i can also create blogs for my family and friends. blogs are getting popular these days in the philippines but very few resources are available. can you help me? i'd like to learn how i can buy templates from the suppliers online but i'm not sure if they offer their stuff if its from the philippines.
    i also have a blog, i just started yesterday. it's harveyandrhia@blogspot.com. it's my wedding blog.

    hope to hear from you.