Friday, April 18, 2008

Christmas Eve 2007 Photo Shoot

Here are some of the photos I took on Christmas Eve. I had been telling myself for five years that I was going to set up a place in my home that had good natural light so I could photograph my kids easily. Well, I spent $20 on Christmas Eve and gave myself this gift of a backdrop! It is simply a beige sheet that hangs from a simple cafe curtain rod on the wall. My couch usually sits in front of it. People know I am quirky anyway, but if they ask why there is a curtain hanging in the middle of the wall, I just point to the framed photos that I have taken in front of said backdrop. (Oh yeah, guess I need to get some printed so I can point to them. Add that to the To Do Before We Move List.)

Regardless of my quirkiness or lack of printing photos, I hope you enjoy seeing these! More to come once they are cropped! (By the way, Nate was upset because he was tired of wearing the hat....and you can see that was the end of the Christmas Eve Photo Shoot!)

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