Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Boxed In!

Moving day is less than one month away, and I am over 75% done with the packing for which I am responsible. Yah! I believe I might have time in the last week before we load the truck to knit on my socks, do some scrapbooking and get together with some friends while I am cleaning and finishing the last details. Still can't believe it! Feels great. Hope to make a lot more progress this week so each day becomes less stressful. We load the truck on the 14th of June.

I am going to leave most of my studio and homeschool materials packed away for the first year we are there. I have a box of things to use with Nate since he will still be homeschooled this next year. But the others are all returning to public school, and I am going to take the opportunity to keep things out of sight so that I can focus on some projects that I have needed to finish for a while. It is hard to decide to work on just one thing when you have supplies for hundreds surrounding you all the time! At least it is for me. So I am going to experiment and see if it increases my productivity.

I have one room in my house that is now almost full of boxes. My carport is over half full too. Can't wait to get them loaded on the truck! Back to packing. If I disappear, come over and look through all these large boxes until you see one with light inside. I'll be in there with a book, a diet coke, some knitting and a pillow!

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