Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sock Mountain!

Somebody save me from Sock Mountain! This is one of those undeniable, "in your face" signs that I have a lot of kids. Most of the time, I feel normal. Most of the time, all the people around me aren't much trouble. That is, until I have to scale Sock Mountain! Then I know without a doubt that I have a VERY LARGE family! I am sure everyone already knows that God created summertime and sandals to save my sanity!

Fire away, organizational experts! I'll be sure to pass on the tips to the family. I have tried buying everyone a laundry bag and telling them to put their own socks in it. That one would really work if everyone would just do it!

I have tried buying each person a certain type. The older boys tried to go all black. Mark swears he does his own wash and can't figure out how his get mixed in. I have thought about throwing them all away and starting over. But have you checked the price of socks lately?

This is one job I am quitting with this move. No more! I am going to knit all my own socks so there is absolutely NO QUESTION of which ones are mine, and then I am going to quit! I am totally finished with socks forever. Except for my obsession with knitting my own out of expensive squishy yummy sock yarn.... Yeah, the $20 a pair kind of yarn....

Think about it. It requires 14 separate piles to sort. Two piles for each person. One for Matched Socks. One for Still Needs to Be Matched. Oh, wait a second. It takes 15 piles. There are always those socks that I have no idea to whom they belong! Where are the days when all the feet in the house were smaller than the parents'? And what about the ones that need to be thrown away? That is 16 piles! And heaven forbid if I make it halfway through the process and have to clear the bed off to sleep!

Maybe I could sew each pair together? Or cut off all their feet? Or just quit doing laundry altogether? The only thing that works is to just break out the Zune, tune into a good book and keep climbing the mountain..... Tonight it is 80s music. Good for the soul!

I might even be able to finish all 52 hours of Outlander with this one! LOL!

Oh wait a minute! I remember another Mom giving me some advice. It went something like this....D-E-L-E-G-A-T-E!

(Leaving room hollering....."Kids! Hey Kids! Nick, Malachi, Maddie, Ben and Nate!"

thinking to self "where did all those feet go this time?"

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  1. I was pondering just today where all of the missing mates to the unmatched socks end up... the pile of single socks with no match keeps growing around here. My DS tends to put socks on and not take them off until I tell him to put them in the trash because I can see more of his feet than sock on the bottom.... sigh. I swear they don't make socks as sturdy as they used to. Even my socks have more holes in them now than I ever remember having as a kid!