Saturday, May 23, 2009

breeze of calm in the storm


I hadn't taken a photo of the kids all together in a while so I am glad these two turned out. Now I have some new ones to print and frame. I hadn't realized it when I took them, but I really like their bare feet!

I am in the midst of moving my family to a new home which is larger and will be much more comfortable for all of us. But I am having the hardest time making it through this time of waiting and packing. We move quite a lot (4 times in six years although that is really a higher average than what is normal for us) so I have a system and a plan and such. But I just wish these packing and waiting days would be over. 

Here is what I am doing to keep myself calm and cheerful as we tear apart this home in order
 to build a new one...

Lots of crocheting the last few weeks. Crocheting is a bit simpler than the sewing that I really want to be doing right now. I treated myself to A is for Apron yesterday and can't wait until I get settled again so I can spread out a large sheet of paper and transfer the patterns and make some aprons! I was able to give Nate's preschool teacher a crocheted rag bag on Friday and she loved it. She said it reminded her of her grandmother who used to make rugs out of fabric strips so I guess I gave a very good gift there! I don't think I took a photo of it, though. But it was bright turquoise, orange, pink and yellow because she requested something bright and fun. Well, I guess you can see the sides of the bag behind the hotpad and yarn in the above photos. This is the style of the bag although I crocheted the handles right into this one instead of adding them as separate pieces.

I guess my crocheting this week will involve finishing the handle and lining for this bag....that is, when I am not packing and dreaming of sewing.

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  1. Kelley, that shabby coloured bag is just stunning. I live the shape of the other one too and the crochet ruffly edge is very pretty. I learnt to crochet as a child and yearn to do it again. Just can't remember how! :(