Monday, June 08, 2009

I love my Goodwill!

Just stopped by for one of my quick runs around the Goodwill store to make sure nothing new had come in that I needed. Sure enough! I have been waiting for some running shorts since I have started walking three miles a day and jogging some, too. I found two pair this afternoon and a new Brita water bottle that filters the water! I also found a new skirt for church (long and slinky fabric in bright blues and black) and a nice pair of regular shorts. Oh, I almost forgot my three soup mugs with wildflowers! I love it when I score a good find. All for $4.75 which is less than what I would have paid for one pair of running shorts if I had just headed over to WalMart!

The clerk also told me they are opening a store in North Little Rock where I'll be able to buy clothes by the pound. So now I don't have to pay much for the ones I want to rip up and make into bags!

Now I just need a bright blue blouse to match this new skirt.....

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