Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oh Where, Is My Focus? Oh Where, Is My Focus?

So I was in bed with the flu last night (about to return there shortly!) and my goal was just to start making some squares to donate for charity. I was there for over three hours and did not end up with one single square to show for it!

I started out with blue and pink yarn and simple crochet. I did a few rows and decided that squares worked in Tunisian crochet really would be warmer for the charity I had discovered while surfing the internet on my phone (instead of crocheting the pink and blue yarn). Then after doing a few rows of Tunisian, I decided I really would like to do the tweed effect so I dug up some lighter pink and switched to dark pink and light pink. After a while I got bored and decided that maybe Granny Squares would hold my attention better so I dug out my book for that. I must have tried about four and none of them spoke to me but somewhere along the way I had switched to the color combination of purple and green with a splash of yellow. I think I ended up returning to a simple double crochet in brown before I finally turned out the light and gave up.

I sure hope it is just the flu that is doing this to me! Maybe if I could find a charity that accepts squares that are 2x2 inches I might be able to finish some to send in. Geez. And there is so much yarn I need to destash that this might really take me forever. Sometimes I think I might be better off if someone took away all my yarn and tools except one hook, two needles and a big ball of white yarn. I could probably stay busy my entire life stitching and re-stitching that one ball of yarn learning every stitch and technique known.

I think I will try again today and see what I get! Any of you having any luck making squares? Maybe I can get inspired and soar on your tailwinds?.

Maybe I will start with the goal of just making one square. Surely I can do that, right? I still have to wrestle with what color, what stitch to use and what size, but surely I can handle that. I will decide right now while you all are here and then I will post a pic of my square later tonight.....

Ok, here it goes....I am going to make a half-double crocheted 8-inch square in purple. Ouch, that hurts. That is some real commitment. Ok....off I go! Wonder if I can fudge and make it striped in different shades of purple? Do you think they would notice? (wanders off muttering to self and looking for the purple yarn in the basket beside the bed.....did I say half-double crochet?)

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  1. Anonymous6:19 AM

    I think your focus was having a party somewhere with my get up and go.