Sunday, November 04, 2007

Hmmmm. What to do about the camera?

I am a bit bummed. I really haven't taken many good pictures this year. It seems that I am just not taking the time to push my limits in this area. And the ones I am taking seemed to be just rushed shots with icky backgrounds that disappoint me. I have a very nice Rebel, but can't really afford to get the zoom lens that I want and never seem to remember to switch to all the fancy settings to adjust my lighting and such. So my heart just fell when my friend Shelley pulled out her new camera yesterday. She researched and spent $150 on a Canon at Best Buy that has a large LCD and is a 7.3 megapixel! And it would fit in her purse. So I think I am going to get me a smaller camera again so maybe I will shoot some more pictures when we are out and about without having to manage the bulk of my Rebel. The days are flying by and I am starting to regret that I haven't shot more pics of the kids. And I certainly haven't scrapped any in a long time. Not quite sure the reasons why except that I have been spending most of my spare time designing. But I think it is time to start playing again with all my digital stuff if I want to have any energy to design. I am running on empty. Not in terms of ideas, but in the motiviation to get stuff done. I now share my computer with 5 kids and it is hard to leave all my design programs open during the days anymore. I would really like to have a laptop I could work on back in my room where it is quiet, but I am scared it would make me feel guilty for being "out of the loop" and away from the action. I guess since it is a laptop, I could carry it in the living room to the table, too. But for now, I have to make due with what I have which is a very shared space that requires even more focus and determination on my part. There are so many areas in my life right now that require this high level of organization and focus that I just don't get as excited about my hobby being like that too! Guess this post should be titled, "What to do with my free time?" I'll have some time to think and recharge my spirit this week. Then we'll see.

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