Friday, April 18, 2008

Hannah and Alex's Prom Photos

This is my best friend's daughter who happens to be a very good friend of mine, too. Talk about an incredible young woman! She is one of the only ones I trust to care for my children for me. Her very first date happened to be to Prom! I was so honored to be asked to come out to their home and take some photos.

I chose to take her up to the barn because I just really like the photos that hightlight extreme contrast in texture and style. They raise goats and the barn and choring are a large part of their life. Then we went to the swing because that is Hannah's escape and where she spends most of her spare time singing and swinging. I couldn't pass up the chance to have her blow her mother a kiss to symbolize her sweet exit from childhood. Gives me chills! And the car driving away...well we all know the symbolism behind that one!

With only some minor adjusting, I came up with these. I learned a lot about the lighting issues and know for certain now that it is better to shoot the subjects entirely in the shade. Lesson learned! Thanks for being such cooperative subjects everybody!

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