Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A day for change...

I am full of hope today for our country's future while a bit wary of the many things that need to change that might not ever happen. I am encouraged by people's desire to unite but wonder about their willingness to sacrifice and to simplify. I guess all we can do is keep working to simplify and to  improve the lives of the ones around us. And to continue to shut down the electronics and make real connections with our families, friends and communities. I know that the internet can help make connections, but I also know it can be a distraction that pulls us away from our loved ones and our daily work that needs to be done. 

Inauguration Day has finally come. The only thing that would have made it any better in my mind is if Michelle Obama or the girls had worn something really classy that was handknit! I guess I can dream, too, right? 

I am currently working on a few pairs of socks for the sock class I am leading this month. I am also slowly working on a baby cardigan (no real reason yet except that I have never made a sweater before!). 

Our new semester of study classes start tomorrow at church, and I am leading a looming group. I will be giving weekly demonstrations on the round looms, and we will continue to make hats for the homeless, scarves, shawls and other projects as the needs arise. But mainly we will be working to knit ourselves into a more unified community that is ready to respond to needs of our community and world. I have been tilling the ground for months to be ready for this group's planting. It will be an exciting night.

I am making progress on my Be the Change project. I have looked through my fabric today and have chosen the pieces that I will use to make cloth napkins for us to use instead of paper ones. I cut up an old towel to use instead of paper towels. I will also make me cloth shopping bags. Maddie wants to help me, and I think that is a good eco-chore and sewing project for her. We haven't had the sewing machines out for a while. I am itching to piece a quilt again, too. I still have three or four to finish. But I think I want to start handpiecing the king size one I have already cut out that matches my friend Shelley's. We both pulled fabric from my stash for quilts and I am sad to say that I can hardly tell there is fabric missing. Definitely need to use up what I have this year. 

Off to do some handwork and to ponder life. 

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