Thursday, October 22, 2009


I was reading through past writings on my blog and found this post. I think I need to hang it on my fridge again....

Saw this hanging on my refrigerator this morning and realized it would be a fun blog.

Kelley's Rules for Sanity and Simple Living

1. Stick to your 15-minute intervals. You can do anything for 15 minutes!
2. Sit and knit when teaching school in order to slow down. (I guess this one can now be changed to Take Some Knitting Breaks during the work day to process your thoughts.)
3. Plan your meals and then do the shopping.
4. Capture joy and Be funny!
5. Cast away fear and take on the power and energy of the Spirit.
6. Remember we are on a journey.
7. Celebrate what God has done. Count the Blessings!
8. Worship in all things as God prepares us for the next season, whatever it might be.
9. Quit multi-tasking.
10. Pamper yourself and don't forget to get away for a while every few days.
11. Cherish small steps of progress. They will take us where we need to be!
12. Leave the praise music on!

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